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We have frequently observed that coins pump after a crypto exchange announces it plans to list them within the next days. This pump is frequently followed by a dump at the time the trading commences.

Most of the times, new coins are firstly listed by small exchanges, then by medium-sized and in the end by big exchanges. In between, one can apply his trading strategies. The faster one gets informed about a new listing, the biggest his hedge against others.

Coin List Tracker aspires to provide this hedge to its subscribers. It monitors crypto exchanges for new coin listing announcements. For the time being, the monitored exchanges are: Binance, Kucoin,

When Coin List Tracker detects a new coin listing, it sends an email to all the subscribers, with the coin name, the exchange that is planning to list it and a link to the exchange announcement, so that the subscribers can read more information. The emails have the following form:


Coin List Tracker subscriptions are recurring payments (until you cancel) for various periods. For subscribers living in Switzerland or Liechtenstein 8.1% VAT applies.

The payment is done via paypal and your paypal email address will be used to receive the coin listing notification emails.


The Coin List Tracker app provides its subscribers with information about new coin listings. It does not suggest any trading strategy. It is the subscribers sole responsibility to use (or ignore) the provided information in any way, shape or form he/she decides.

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